Video: HGP’s Volkswagen Golf R 3.6 Bi-Turbo Takes Down Ferrari 458 Speciale

HGP’s 3.6L Bi-Turbo Golf R is an angry little machine.  With roughly 700hp on tap, the car has become somewhat of a YouTube celebrity, drag racing (and beating) numerous unsuspecting super cars across Europe.  For the latest video, the Golf has set its sights on the Ferrari 458 Speciale.

In the clip above, the 458 Speciale and Golf R take part in a roll race, filmed from the 458’s perspective.  As soon as the pair cross the starting point, the Golf R begins to simply walk away from the 458 and continues to do so until the race is over.  The two then line up for a second race, where the Golf has a repeat performance.  We’ll consider the 458 Speciale’s exhaust note at 9,000rpm to be a small consolation prize for the owner of this $300,000 Ferrari while they’re getting pulled on… by a Golf.