Video: Watch Porsche Build a 918 Spyder

By now we’ve surely all picked our favorite from the trio of hybrid supercars released earlier this year, and have almost assuredly seen the cars in action via the many YouTube review videos out there.  What many of us haven’t seen though, is the most intriguing part- the physical nut-and-bolt construction of these cars. Uploaded to a Youtube Channel called simply ‘Cars’, today’s video details the build process of Porsche’s completely sold-out 918 Spyder.

Leaving relatively little to the imagination, the ten minute video above shows a tremendous amount of the assembly process.  As you’d expect with any million-dollar supercar, the final build requires an all-hands on deck process with more than a few technicians.  It’s also a nice touch that the video has no real soundtrack to speak of, as to no detract from the efforts of highly skilled Porsche employees.