Watch a 745 hp Golf R Driven in Anger

YouTube channel, Gumbal, is quickly becoming the go-to place for videos of ludicrous Golfs. Today’s example features a Mk 6 Golf R with a claimed 745 hp.

The result, predictably, is an extremely quick Golf. No timing information is given, but the video shows the Golf spanking some pretty stern opposition. It races what looks like a 911 turbo early in the video and embarrasses a few muscle cars later on.

Perhaps most impressive, though, is just how much of a sleeper this car is. It basically looks like any other Golf R (with the exception of the gold rims) and it isn’t particularly loud. It’s a remarkably civilized thing, despite the fact that a monster lives under the hood.

So enjoy watching some fancy cars get rekt by a practical, family hatchback: