Watch a Lamborghini Climb a Snowy Mountain

Professional freeskier and former ventriloquist dummy come to life, Jon Olsson, has successfully driven a Lamborghini Murcielago up a ski hill/glacier/mountain in Norway. And when climbing mountains proves too easy, he relives his competitive downhill ski racing days and hits the slalom.

Although the whole video is worth watching, the opening shot of the Lambo simply driving up the hill might be the most impressive part of it. With some pretty extreme studded tires on, the car flies up the snowy mountain at, frankly, unbelievable speeds.

The feat is made all the more impressive by Olsson’s previous video, released Friday, of him failing to reach the top of the same mountain. Try as he might, in that video, Olsson just can’t keep up enough momentum to keep the Murcielago moving uphill.

As a result, Olsson had to wait until conditions were perfect to accomplish this stunt, on a day when the snow would allow the Lamborghini’s spiky tires to get enough traction to put all of its power down.

Why take a car that was barely designed to be driven in a light rain up a snowy mountain in one of the planet’s coldest countries? “If I get up [to the top of the glacier] I will be smiling,” explains Olsson. “And that’s what life is all about.”