Watch an Audi R8 V10 Get Torn Apart for Art’s Sake

Do you remember that insane photo of the Lamborghini Miura with the engine being blown apart out the back? Did you ever wonder how they did it? Well good news, Audi hired the same photographer to give the R8 V10 the same treatment to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

The photo (photos?) was (were) taken by Fabian Oefner, who, honestly, kinda sounds like a bummer in this video, You can safely turn the sound off unless you want to hear some inconsequential platitudes about reality.

But what’s happening behind the words remains fascinating: admittedly, the final photo was stitched together, but Audi and Oefner really did take an R8 apart and photograph every single part.

Despite the bummer of a narrator, the video is still a fascinating look behind the curtain at how the picture was created and the final result is kind of spectacular.