Watch: Bruce Meyer Talks about the Early Days of Baja

The Meyers Manx is the prototypical dune buggy, and the reason for that is the great feats it achieved in the ‘60s. In fact, the first ever Baja 1000, 50 years ago, was won by a Manx.

Now, its creator, Bruce Meyer, talks about the early days of the race and a whole lot more.

As you might expect, early on off-road racing was dominated by motorcycles, but Meyer and a buddy figured that with two drivers and more fuel they could beat the bike boys.

Of course, they didn’t know how much fuel they’d need to finish a race in Baja, but they figured that they’d probably do 15 mpg, so they started welding in oxygen tanks into the car until they had 65 gallons of fuel onboard and did a feasibility run.

According to their math, they would finish the run in ten fewer hours than the motorcycle record, so Meyer said let’s do it. And the rest is history. Watch the full interview above.