Watch: Can the Arteon Take on the Stinger GT?

Although they have different personas, the Volkswagen Arteon and the Kia Stinger fight in the same marketplace. They’re both big sedans that cost about the same amount and nip at the heels of more luxurious, upmarket cars.

So which should you lust after? Well, it depends on what you want, because both attack the German triumvirate differently, as James and Thomas of Throttle House point out.

Whereas the Stinger GT specifically wants to take on the BMWs of the world with its driving dynamics and horsepower, the Arteon is more of a luxurious experience.

The soft, cosseting ride insulates you from the harsh exterior. But just because it’s more relaxing than the Stinger doesn’t mean it’s no fun. The steering is compared favorably to the GTI and it doesn’t lack for pace despite its 4-cylinder engine.

That said, though, it’s not a B-road bruiser, it’s more highway cruiser. So which you want, as is often the case, depends on what you want.