Watch: Can a Tuned Golf R Take on an RS3?

We are all well aware that the Audi RS3 is, in essence, a Golf R turned up to 11. But it is turned up to 11 by a group of engineers who have access to every possible bit of information about the car, the chassis, the engineers who designed the Golf, and what they had for breakfast. So can a smaller group of very clever engineers who have less access keep up?

CarWow has decided to find out with a three-way drag race between the Golf R, the RS3, and a Golf R modified by Mountune.

Although the standard Golf R performs admirably, it’s predictably outgunned in this competition. Interestingly, though, it’s only about 1,200 pounds away from being right on par with the RS3.

In the standing quarter-mile, the modified Golf and the RS3 are dead even, with the VW just nosing the Audi out at the line. More impressively, in the rolling race, the Mountune tuned Golf kicks down faster than either of the other cars and runs away with the race.

It’s still outperformed when the two have to take off in the same gear but manages to keep up after the RS3’s initial lunge ahead.

And that all kind of makes sense. Because they are effectively the same car in different states of tune, it only makes sense that the Golf R should have access to the same amount of power as the RS3. And if Audi has proven anything, it’s that that amount of power can be accessed reliably. So maybe it’s time to take another look at that tuning package.

via Motor1