Watch: Chris Harris Drives the ID.R, Embarrasses Supercar

Top Gear has been promising us some ID.R content since 2019 and it finally aired last night. Show host Chris Harris took the insane racer for a spin.

And the conclusion is good. The electric racer is predictably aggressive, accelerating with all the urgency of Will Farrell abandoning his family in an avalanche and cornering with all the G forces of a NASA launch.

That’s because it accelerates faster than an F1 car and has an aero concept that’s “based” on Porsche’s Le Mans winner. It’s of note, then, that Harris still finds the ID.R impressive, since he has also driven the Porsche 919.

Turns out the ID.R had some lasting effects on Harris. Taking to Twitter today, he called it “one of the only cars that’s made me feel ill,” which he then kind of attributes to being close to the electric motors. Maybe he’ll be able to form an electromagnetic hypersensitivity support group with Chuck McGill.

He did follow that up with more praise for the ID.R, though.

To demonstrate just how otherworldly the ID.R is, Harris pits it against a McLaren 720s in a drag race. The McLaren, according to him, is pretty much the fastest street-legal car on sale today, so watching the ID.R pull away from it like it’s standing still is mightily impressive.