Watch: DIY Ignition Servicing, Because By God We Need Something to Pass the Time

Having just checked in with our contacts at the CDC, we can confirm that going into the garage still counts as social distancing. And maybe it’s the little bit of extra distance you need from everyone else in the house.

So why not do some work on the car. ECS just published a video running down how to service the ignition system on a VW/Audi 2.0T Gen 3 coil pack.

It’s a fairly simple job but one that ought to provide the quiet, task-based alone time that helps you remember all the good things in life. You may also still be able to get your hands on everything you need to complete this job.

If not, though, the folks over Tyre Reviews have a video to at least help you keep your tires from flat-spotting. Again, they go through the tips you’re used to hearing by now (get your car off the ground if possible, over-inflate if you can), but their special quarantine tip, failing all of that, is just to get off your butt and push the car back and forth.

That helps the car keep its weight off one spot. It also helps prevent you from turning on the car and not letting the engine get warm. And best of all, it gives you something to do that isn’t sitting at a desk reading… not that you should stop doing that altogether.