Watch Europe’s Fastest Air Cooled Van Crush the Quarter Mile

Phil Jarvis has officially made the fastest full-bodied, air-cooled, Type 2 Bus in Europe. At this weekend’s Big Bang Camper and Bus Show, over in the England, he ran the quarter mile in 11.422 seconds at 117 mph.

That time puts “The Fire Bus” within spitting distance of the 11.408-second world record.

The bus is powered by a 2387cc 443 bhp engine with nitrous that rips like an old-timey race car’s. It’s a really charming vehicle. Everything from its rusty exterior, to its massive tail pipe, and its flower pot siren light make this thing kind of silly and wonderful.

Really, though, a Type 2 has no business being so fast. On the first run, Jarvis seems to get out of the groove, and the result is seriously unnerving. It’s just so tall and narrow that you keep expecting it to fall over.

The 1/4 mile time was recorded at Santa Pod Raceway in the middle of England as part of the Big Bang Camper and Bus Show, “the first and friendliest VW show on the calendar,” according to organizers. The festival features racing, two music arenas, and a car show. Despite the title, anything VW was welcome at the show, which took place from April 22-24.