Watch: Getting Older is Full of Gifts, Like the RS4 Avant

When he first saw the B5 RS4 Avant with an old man at the wheel, Pedro Corrales thought “God gives bread to those with no teeth.” That’s a popular Spanish expression that, in this case, seems to mean why would God give someone with no taste the money to buy a supercar?

But Pedro, whose RS4 is featured in this video from Spain’s Roadmantics, has since realized the error of his ways. Maybe it’s the maturity of age, maybe it’s the silliness of youth, or maybe it’s just those 400 horses under the hood, but whatever it is, he isn’t looking back.

He says that it took him three hours to get the car home because he kept going off-course, looking for fun new places to go, because he just wanted to drive more. With the windows open and the radio off, he couldn’t help but love the drive.

Now Pedro loves to be mistaken for that old man he once derided. He says he loves nothing more than to blow the minds of non-car people who think it’s just a boring family car as he shrinks into the distance.

And don’t forget to turn on the closed captions if you don’t speak Spanish.

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