Watch: Jamie Orr and ECS Tuning Are Going to Ends of the Earth in a GTI

Friend of the site Jamie Orr, ECS Tuning’s Max Everhard, and documentarian Pedro Rutas Jr. are taking a slammed Mk7 GTI from the top of South America to the very bottom.

Along the 8,500-mile way, they’ll stop at Bubble Gun Treffen in Brazil, climb the Andes, see the Bolivian salt flats, see glaciers, and finally reach la “fin del mundo” in Argentina.

The first South American video in the multi-part series dropped yesterday and it covers the challenge of even starting a trip like this. The paperwork that goes into setting up a trip with this many border crossings, this many countries, all in multiple languages makes even getting out of the gates difficult.

There have been a few more videos in the series, though, that covered the build and the car’s trip to SEMA. An APR tune gets power output up to 400 hp, while some H&R coilovers help to improve handling. 19-inch RacingLine R360 wheels are wrapped around bigger brakes (a kit also furnished by RacingLine).

The whole trip is as nutty and exciting as you’d expect, so be sure to check out ECS Tuning’s YouTube page for all of the videos in the series.