Watch: Leno Drives a Very Silly Cop Car

In 1979 the German city of Wurzburg needed a police car and naturally they chose a car that made double-digit power. The most stereotypical car in Germany. Why the Polizei chose this car is hard to fathom (the Golf was out at this point) but hey, it’s fun.

This particular car has some great provenance, too, because the more eagle eyed among you may have recognized it from Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. That’s because its current owner, the improbably named Spike Ferestein, bought it from that lover of all things air-cooled, Jerry Seinfeld.

The people surrounding this car, though, Seinfeld, Ferestein, Leno give a hint of what it perhaps this car’s greatest feature: unbridled amusement. It’s a silly car that attracts mirth wherever it goes. In fact, Ferestein says that it’s the car he picks to take his kids to birthday parties, because it’s so much fun. And isn’t that something we all want more of?