Watch: Mighty Car Mods Pits a Dune Buggy Against an MR2

Might Car Mods is concluding its rear-engine-but-sometimes-also-mid-rear-engine challenge in the parking lot of a local drag strip. The competition pits a 1990 Toyota MR2 against a dune buggy (which they call a moon buggy) built out of a (probably) 1975 Super Beetle.

The “Moog Buggy,” as they’ve started calling it, was first found in the parking lot of an advertising agency in Sidney and was built as part of a campaign for a now-defunct deodorant brand.

The agency didn’t really have a plan for it and the person Moog spoke to said they just wanted the parking spot back. Despite costing more than 100,000 Australian dollars to build, he managed to pick it up for $8,000.

The problem then was that, much like the ad agency, Moog didn’t really have a plan for the car either, so it got mothballed for five years in his mum’s garage. Actual details about the build are a little scant, though, because the Mighty Car Mods guys weren’t all that involved in building it.

There’s another great video of Moog trying to get the engine running in which they discover that the engine must have increased displacement and figure that it’s a 2.1 or a 2.2-liter engine. Without a dyno, power figures are also a bit of a mystery, but it’s safe to assume that the Moon Buggy is chucking out a lot more power than the original Super Beetle.

And that’s clear in the competition. The Moon Buggy absolutely leaps off the line, eating the MR2 up in a number of challenges. Unfortunately, sitting around for nearly a decade doesn’t do good things to an engine and the Buggy pretty quickly gives up the ghost in dramatic fashion.