Watch: Mighty Car Mods Takes on Wothersee and the Stelvio Pass in the Cheapest GTI in Germany

Australia’s favorite automotive YouTubers decided that it was time to take their love of VWs to the Mecca of GTIs and mods, Worthersee. So they got on a plane, checked the local Craigslist (or whatever it’s called in Germany) and bought the cheapest driving GTI on sale in Germany.

In the first episode, the Mighty Car Mods guys take their Mk4 GTI from plain-Jane in Munich to modified and Worthersee-ready in just a little over a day.

With all that effort spent, though, the guys weren’t about to turn around and head home without taking advantage of everything Europe has to offer. So they head off to Switzerland in search of the Stelvio pass. It being one of Germany’s cheapest GTIs, though, not everything goes quite as smoothly as they might have hoped.

Watch them both below.