Watch: What the Mk8 Golf’s Infotainment Will Actually Be Like to Use

Volkswagen has made a big fuss about the upcoming Mk8 Golf’s technology. And while we mentioned some of the improvements in our article covering the launch of the Mk8, there’s nothing quite like a video to show off how the technology actually gets used.

This video, scored with some inexplicably tense and spooky music, takes lengths to show off every detail of the car’s new infotainment system and interior.

The interior is pleasingly minimalist with vents that stretch across the whole dash unbroken—not unlike in the A4. That does, however, mean that there are no knobs. Not even for HVAC controls.

To ensure that you always have fast access to temperature controls, there is a quartet of actual buttons in the middle of the vents that give you fast access to climate functions, assist features, driving modes, and to the main menu—and to the hazard lights.

Right under the screen, too, there are sliders. These control the volume and the temperature.

The new infotainment screen will be familiar to anyone who has driven a Mk7.5 Golf, albeit with fewer permanently fixed “buttons.” Still, the system is similar in theory, with a panel on the driver-side that has a couple of fixtures, like the time, seat heating, and a home screen button.

The rest is pretty standard touch-screen fare. The screen works like a tablet, with radio, navigation, ambient-lighting options and more.

The steering wheel doesn’t look too different from the Mk7’s but your lighting options are now handled by a touch-sensitive panel to the left of the driver. The digital cockpit, too, appears to be improved, though most of the functions are essentially the same.