Watch: An Old S6 Pull a Lada Niva Away

Famously communism’s only charming vehicle, the Lada Niva was the soviet answer to the all-terrain vehicle. But the combined intelligence of the USSR can’t beat an A6.

Dubiously described by its designer as a Renault 5 on a Land Rover chassis—because who wouldn’t want that?—the Niva began development in 1971 with the intention of creating the perfect car for workers and villagers in isolated areas.

The designers went to Siberia and the Ural mountains and tested the car’s all-wheel drive system for years to make sure it was ready for use in Russia’s farthest reaches.

Power came from a range of four-cylinder engines over the years, producing as much as 80 whole horsepowers.

The Typ 4B S6, meanwhile, had twice as many cylinders producing 335 hp sent to all four wheels through a Torsen T2-based quattro system.

So, frankly, it’s impressive that the Lada performed as well as it did.