Watch: Relive the ’80s with this How to Hot Rod a VW VHS

Oh, the ‘80s. They were a time rich with bad mustaches, worse camera equipment, and great hot rodding. Thanks to the wonders of the incredible now, you can invite three mustachioed men straight from the decade and into your home to teach you how to turn your boring old air cooled VW into a dragstrip destroyer.

The best part is, though, that once the hilarity of watching a potato-quality video (straight from VHS) of men who are remarkably ill-suited for on-camera work wears off, you’re still left with a thorough lesson in engine building.

Originally a four hour lesson in hot rodding, the uploader of this video (12voltvids) has mercifully cut it down and split into to installments (the first of which is below). Despite the fact that this video is, to be blunt, dull, it is still chock full of great information.

Take a trip through time and learn how to hot rod while you’re doing it.