Watch: An RS6 Outdrag a GT-R

The Nissan GT-R is known primarily for its ability to beat wildly expensive supercars off the line. It’s a trick the Datsun pulls off thanks, in part, to an AWD system that allows it to get its power to the ground remarkably well.

There was, however, a company taking on the world’s best with AWD long before Nissan: Audi. And Audi’s still got some moves.

Carfection has taken the RS6 and put it up against the GT-R in a straight-up drag race. That’s right, we’re reviving the Big-Audis-Go-Speeds-They-Have-No-Business-Going feature.

In our last installment, we saw the RS6 keep up with a GT-R on a tight track where its extra weight ought to have kept it well back. That race was close and just that felt like a victory, given the Audi’s size.

Now, though, it’s not close. In three races the GT-R never even gets close to the Audi, which takes off and destroys the faster-on-paper Nissan.

As Road & Track points out, there are all sorts of reasons why this test is unscientific and why someone else might have had a different result, but the fact remains that this big Audi can go speeds no car its size ought to be going, and that’s pretty damn cool.