Watch: The RS7 Can Hit 62 in Just 3.4 Seconds

Auditography is back and this time the channel isn’t just showing off the RS7’s gorgeous lines, it’s also testing its launch control setting. And to no one’s surprise, it’s quick.

According to the in-car timer, it can accelerate to 62 mph in just 3.38 seconds. And according to Auditography’s video description, it hit that time in similar splits every time.

That’s two tenths quicker than Audi Sport said it would hit 62 mph in, which is hardly a surprise because Audi has famously said that they want their reported times to be achievable in any circumstances.

It doesn’t just accelerate hard, either. According to Auditography, it’s good in the twisties, too.

“After pushing it hard for almost 2 days on very curvy roads, I’m really stunned by how light it feels, and the handling is amazing thanks to the four wheel steering and the new active suspension. Wow,” they write in the description.

So yeah. To no one’s surprise, this car slaps.

shared from fourtitude