Watch Tanner Foust smoke things up in his VW Drift Passat

Disruptive is the word of the day at Hoonigan garage. Not just today, it’s the word of the day every day. Hoonigan regularly disrupts the stillness of an LA afternoon with smoky burnouts courtesy of high-profile disruptors like Tanner Foust.

Among the list of off-the-wall accolades on Foust’s extreme sports CV, he can cite several years of experience as a professional drifter in the now-famous Formula-D series. He started out in an AEM 350Z, but Foust’s desire to be disruptive has led to creative new builds, and the latest one is this bonkers Volkswagen Passat.

Drift is a relaively new thing in the states, but this sport has been around long enough in Japan to make legends of cars like the Toyota AE86 and Nissan 240sx. The Volkswagen Passat is not one of these legends. Enter Tanner Foust, who promptly had the car converted to rear-wheel drive and equipped with a mid-mounted V8.

Foust explains how many of the components on the Passat have become commonplace in drifting, for example, the car’s ridiculously beefy transmission. He’s a little secretive about the hybrid VW/Chevy “LS-W8” engine, but based on observation, it’s safe to say this thing dispatches tires with extreme prejudice and sounds like God’s own circular saw doing it.

Hoonigan “scumbag” Hert is rewarded for wedging his large frame into the fully caged interior with the chance to light the tires on the Passat. After his initial romp, Foust gets in to show the team what this steroidal grocery-getter can really do. Of course, this isn’t exactly harmless to the engine. However, there are plenty of ways to reduce engine friction and keep the car running smoothly even after a day like this.

Now if only Volkswagen would take a hint and add a RWD, fire-breathing V8-powered Passat to the official lineup. Keep your fingers crossed.