Watch the World’s Fastest Huracan Crush the Quarter Mile

The Lamborghini Huracan does not come from the factory slow. It’s the third fastest car that Motor Trend has ever tested around Willow Springs’ Big Willow track, so it takes a special kind of madness to think that it ought to be faster.

But Heffner Performance thought just that and make it faster they did. The car is claimed to run the quarter mile in 8.3 seconds and to be the first Huracan to ever even get into the 8s.

The team that made the car reach the 8s is Heffner Performance, who are well known for their supercar antics. They’re purveyors of twin turbo supercars that can make up to 2500 hp and regularly appear in at big power shootouts and 1/2 mile drag races.

This particular Huracan is equipped with a stage 2 Twin Turbo system running at 18 psi and attached to a custom build of Lamborghini’s 5.2L V10. The transmission is stock, though the clutch has been modified. The car rides on Micky Thompson drag radials, but otherwise little has been changed here. It’s claimed that this green monster is still street legal.

Watch the video below