Watch this Electric Beetle Beat a World Record on the ¼ Mile

It’s back to the Santa Pod Raceway for another record in another Beetle with the wrong engine. This Beetle, the Black Current III, covers two furlongs in 9.31 seconds at 144 mph, beating a record for electric Beetles that it set.

According to VeeDubRacing, who posted the video, the car is running 400V in the XS class. They say that during these passes the car, built by Current Racing, was churning out about 700 hp, but that it’s capable of going up to 1200 hp.

The car does that weirdly-linear-acceleration thing that all fast electric cars do, and it’s still fascinating to see a (basically) silent car beat something that’s wailing down the track.

The Black Current III is a dedicated drag car, as you’d expect. It’s on a tubular frame, with acrylic windows all around, a fiberglass front, fiberglass rear wings.

It has twin 9” inline motors coupled to a small two speed gearbox that changes gears in a fraction of a second. The ‘box couples straight onto a prop shaft and down to a Ford 9” rear differential. It has 450 lithium cobalt oxide cell batteries.

So crush the track with this, and get home with the e-Golf.