Watch this VW-Powered Fiat Wheelie So Hard it Flips

By modern standards, 1914cc isn’t very big, but when you stuff that into the back of a car that originally was only around 600cc, you notice it.

Outlaw Flat Four’s Dave Nicholls surely did at Santa Pod Raceway this weekend when he flipped his VW-powered Fiat 600 while drag racing at the Big Bang Camper and Bus Show.

According to VeeDubRacing, who released the video, the Fiat is a street driven car that had been running low 11s all weekend. He had only just achieved a personal best of 10.96 when lined up for this run.

The conditions must have been perfect, because it hooked up and the back wheels tried to catch the fronts.

Fortunately, Nicholls got out okay, although he was reportedly very shocked.