Watch: The Twin-Engine Lupo is Back in Action

Remember the twin-engine, four-liter Lupo we showed you drag racing earlier this year? Well, it’s back. And this time with more details. Lots more details of the most extreme Lupo in the world.

The car, Road and Track reports, was built by DOP Motorsport in Romania. They’ve fitted it with a pair of extremely highly modified 2.0L TFSI four-cylinder engines. And we mean extremely highly modified. Each engine reportedly makes 900 hp, sending all that power to two separate DSG transmissions and four massive drag slick tires.

Except that the combined 1,800 hp means that the car is far too challenging to drive. The driver reported lane-changing torque steer, and you can see it nearly impact a Beetle in the next lane over on the UK’s Santa Pod quarter-mile. Not something you want when you’re behind the wheel.

So turned down to “just” 1,200 hp the still wild set of wheels was driven to 9.22 at 161 mph. And it looked to be off-throttle more than on for much of the run.

This video shows more of the inside of the car too. Like how it’s now more tube and flat metal than anything that came from the factory. Safety is pretty key with a car like this, after all.

We hope that this car gets its suspension sorted out, cause we’d love to see what it could run flat-out.