Watch: VW Launches Atlas Ad Campagin with “Luv Bug”

As we age, life takes away our health and our figure, and in turn gives us people and things to look after. With its new ad campaign, Volkswagen wants to show you how its new SUV, the Atlas, is the perfect vehicle to help you cope with this unending transaction.

Trading on its reputation for peace and love, both of which are meant euphemistically in this case, the new Atlas ad campaign starts with the love bug, which leads inevitably to a child. As the dependents add up, the cars get bigger, moving from a Jetta, to a Tiguan, and eventually onto the new Atlas.

Except in this case instead of rocking with the euphemistic love of the previous cars, it is instead rocking with the literal love of an active family.

With its jangling Dean Martin song about the facts of life, and its ironically familially unsuitable content, it calls back to VW ads from the last decade, like the ad for the Rabbit.